3 steps to achieving a paperless office

May 16th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture

When developing a paperless office strategy, these efforts have to be taken in stages. From the initial paper-using stage to full paperless operations, carefully planning these steps and implementing them will help a business minimize the costs of going paperless and maximize the benefits.

The first step toward going paperless is still accepting paperwork and using it in the office, but encouraging and implementing document imaging services to migrate paperwork to digital formats for archiving and storage. Even if employees are using paperwork, such as meeting minutes or invoices, once their use is finished they can be moved over to electronic forms to cut down on filing cabinets and other wasted resources caused by paper storage.

The next step in paperless initiatives once a solid imaging strategy is in place is migrating older records to the same information management system. Document conversion services can help optimize the transfer of records archives from physical to digital formats, expediting these processes and ensuring they don't interfere with normal workflow. This allows employees to start leveraging these resources immediately while steadily migrating to the more cost-effective, efficiency-driven processes that paperless operations allows.

The final major step in eliminating paperwork is cutting out the creation of paperwork altogether. From taking meetings digital to implementing scanning hardware to immediately scan and discard incoming paper-based invoices, businesses can streamline these efforts by investing in the right document management software to automate the elimination of paperwork and support employees' growing needs for easy access to data and data-related resources.

Optimally, going paperless will be hassle-free in a perfect world, but businesses should prepare for any eventuality by enlisting high-quality conversion services to assist in their paperless migration and enable a seamless digital environment to support workflow and operational demands over time.

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