A Better Way to Archive & Back Up Documents in SharePoint

July 6th, 2017 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture | Document Management | Information Management

Do you have storage space or backup issues with Microsoft SharePoint because of the high volume of electronic documents stored there?

How about retention scheduling? Going manual means mistakes can be easily made.

Image One’s AX Archive for SharePoint resolves these issues and eliminates headaches for both IT and business managers.

SharePoint Horror Stories

For those scanning documents and uploading them to SharePoint hosted on their server, we’ve heard how long it can take to conduct back-ups after 4-5 years of data and 2-2.5GB of data. It can take so long to back up these SharePoint libraries that they run out of time to back up all of their servers overnight, which can lead to partial backups and lost documents.

AX Archive for SharePoint

Image One’s AX Archive for SharePoint allows you to store all of your scanned documents, along with email attachments, fax and electronically created documents outside of SharePoint – either on your server or hosted on ours.

Even though each SharePoint library is configured differently, we can quickly map each column and field to AX Archive for SharePoint so that all calendar years needing archiving are performed with a click of a button. Users are then able to search through these documents in AX Archive for SharePoint within SharePoint, just without the back-up headaches.

ApplicationXtender (AX)

AX Archive for SharePoint is based upon OpenText ApplicationXtender (AX) document management software with a layer of custom development provided by Image One. We’ve been a reseller and integrator for AX since 1996.

ApplicationXtender also includes retention scheduling, which can be applied to every document in your SharePoint libraries archived with AX Archive for SharePoint. When the retention period has ended for each document, your staff will be alerted to review whether the document can be destroyed or if it needs to be kept longer.

Combined with the workflow automation module, ApplicationXtender reduces up to 90% of the manual document labor involved in the following processes:

Contact us to learn more about how AX Archive for SharePoint can eliminate back-up and retention scheduling headaches, as well as streamlining time-consuming and document-intensive business processes. It’s faster and more cost-effective than you think…

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