A School Income Verification Processing Solution that Pays for Itself

December 1st, 2017 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation | Document and Information Capture

RocketScan Alternative Income Forms (AIF) from Image One helps maximize funding and minimize headaches for school districts around the US looking to streamline the processing of applications that require income verification.

RocketScan AIF is based on the same technology that has made RocketScan the leading school district solution for processing free and reduced meal applications since 1994.

Who Benefits Most from RocketScan AIF?

RocketScan AIF is especially useful in states like California where the local control funding formula (LCFF) of proposition 98 mandates family income verification for allocating funding among school districts. A California city with 300,000 residents received an additional $250,000 in state funding – per year – as the result of an additional 15,000 forms completed thanks to RocketScan AIF.

RocketScan AIF can also be used in states like Indiana for free and reduced textbook applications.

However it’s used, RocketScan AIF typically gets 20-30% more parents to fill out income verification forms, is easily implemented and can pay for itself in the first year.

More Forms Captured = More Funding

RocketScan AIF is eforms software that parents can easily fill out on a computer, tablet or smartphone. By making paper forms unnecessary, RocketScan AIF eliminates the costs and headaches of printing and distributing income verification forms.

Because they’re so easy to complete, RocketScan AIF helps school districts get 10-20% more income verifications filled out, which can increase school funding and pays for itself. This is why the California city mentioned above receives an additional $250,000 in funding.

Implementation of RocketScan AIF is quick and includes conversion of your income verification forms, which can also include meal, textbook assistance and other applications that require income verification.

Reporting Gets Your Funding Faster

Information from each form is captured in the RocketScan database so that it can be quickly searched and retrieved. Reports are quickly run and submitted to state and federal authorities so that you get maximum funding – fast.

All of your income verification forms are managed within RocketScan like an electronic filing cabinet. You can easily make changes to your forms, which are tracked with an audit log.

RocketScan AIF also includes:

  • Capacity for unlimited simultaneous users (concurrent)
  • E-signature capture (by finger or stylus)
  • Mobile friendly design (responsive)

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