Almost 300,000 go paperless in UAE eco-initiative

November 28th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

A cooperative Paperless Day, hosted by the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi, UAE, recently saw participation increase to an impressive 294,000 this year, the largest ever for the eco-friendly event. According to The Gulf Today, 2012 marked the fifth annual Paperless Day in the UAE, and while the actual amount of trees and resources saved during the event is still being calculated, the agency saw it as a massive success.

The UAE has one of the higher paper consumption rates in the world, according to the news source, and events such as this not only help reduce waste, but spread the message of eco-friendly paperless initiatives. This year, many government organizations, such as the Ministries of Education, Scientific Research and Water and the Environment, the Abu Dhabi police force and many others also participated in the event.

The UAE initiative is demonstrative of a wider, global trend toward reducing paper consumption, as more businesses investigate document management and digitization opportunities. Companies can reduce their paper usage, helping the environment and eliminating paper-related costs, such as printer maintenance. But these aren't the only advantages that going paperless has to offer.

With digital information management, a business can also improve the organization and maintenance of its data. This helps to streamline workflow and enhance operations beyond the capabilities of paper records and storage by reducing the amount of time employees spend looking for information rather than utilizing it, and improving collaboration and the sharing of data as well.

Document management solutions do more than reduce paper waste, they help to enhance business processes in important ways, and by embracing a high-quality solution, a business can not only help the environment, but see potential profit gains at the same time.

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