Can an office truly go paperless?

November 9th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture | Document Management

Businesses are examining document management solutions and other efforts that could help them reduce the amount of paper they use. However, many are wondering if they can ever truly go paperless. From eliminating archives to reducing the influx of paperwork from suppliers and clients, some businesses struggle to fully eliminate paper-related waste within their offices. The Guardian showed in a recent report that it may ultimately be impossible to go paperless – depending on what industry the business is in.

According to the news source, many businesses look to reduce the amount of paper they use, but totally eliminating it eludes them. Pixar, for example, still uses tens of thousands of sheets of paper for storyboards for its critically acclaimed animated movies. And other offices around the world are still utilizing hundreds of Post-It notes, printouts, pamphlets and other paper products. However, there is a way for a business to at least reduce its paperwork.

With document management and the right conversion services, an office can eliminate extra paper waste. For example, while paper might be necessary for designing a new graphic for the company before it goes into the computer, it is certainly no longer needed for internal memos for any business. Email and instant messaging have completely replaced the need for interoffice mail, and with the introduction of tablets and other mobile devices, a company can get rid of info packets for meetings and other, similar resources as well.

Document conversion service provides a business with a way to eliminate archived paperwork as well. This eliminates costly file storage, cleans up office space and gives the company more room to breath by moving documents to the digital space. With these efforts in place, a business may still need paper for specific tasks, but can greatly reduce overall consumption by a tremendous amount.

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