Car manufacturers look to paperless financial processes

September 5th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture | Document Management

Nissan, Renault, Infiniti and other car manufacturers recently made steps to cut out paperwork and take new car financing paperless, according to AMOnline. By implementing document management systems and a new solution for Electronic Document Identification and Signature Operation (EDISON), these businesses are working to reduce paper usage in financial agreements by more than 1 million pages a year.

By implementing digital systems, these automotive manufacturers are taking steps to not only reduce paper waste but increase financial security for customers by speeding up authorization processes and reducing the chances of fraud.

"Dealers will no longer need to print out multiple copies of finance agreements for customers to sign as with the new paperless system they can read it on the screen, and sign the pad to confirm. All the dealer then needs to do is print one copy for the customer, so it is vastly more efficient and eco friendly for everyone," said RCI Financial Services' Commercial Director Malcolm Banfield. "Another neat feature of the new system is there is no need for the dealer to fax all those pages to RCI as the transfer of information is done electronically, reducing errors and speeding things up for everyone."

With improved information management any business can reduce the costs associated with paperwork, while also increasing productivity. And improving security for customers is a major advantage that any organization can benefit from, reducing fraud and making consumers happier. By implementing high-quality solutions, a business can begin to reduce budgets, increase profits and help the environment as the same time.

In today's wireless, mobile environment, almost any business can effectively ditch paperwork and embrace digital documents in an efficient and reliable manner.

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