City and state legislatures choose digital document solutions

July 23rd, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Information Management

As more agencies take note of the time saving and environmentally friendly benefits of paperless systems, government bodies that range from local city councils to state legislatures are increasingly improving their information management with document imaging solutions.

CNY Central recently reported that New York's state legislature plans to go paperless, following years of debate about the merits a digital document storage system can offer. According to the source, the state of New York stands to save tens of millions of dollars a year that once went to printing bills and brochures. Because many of these stacks of paper – some several feet thick – are dumped into recycling bins before they're even read, a paperless system is a great choice.

The city government of Sulphur, La., is also moving to a paperless system for its council meetings, using tablets instead of paper to save time and money.

"We're big into recycling, and this is just another effort for the city to go green," Mayor Chris Duncan said, according to the source. "Not only are we saving time, but we're saving money, and that adds up."

The mayor also estimated that moving to a digital system could help the city save up to a ream of paper per meeting. 

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