Cloud storage is safer than you think

October 1st, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture | Document Management | Information Management

Companies seeking to improve security could turn to the cloud in their search for a safe data storage solution. 

The cloud backs up files and can help businesses avoid paying too much for storage space, Boston University explained. The cloud is a cost-effective data storage system that holds files on a server in the Internet, rather than on a hard drive or in paper. Ultimately, the cloud allows users to back-up their documents and access them from any device with Internet connectivity. 

The document management capabilities of a company that employs a cloud-based content management system are significantly better than one that stores their files in a storage cabinet. Lately, especially since Edward Snowden stole and released classified government information, cloud computing enterprises have beefed up security, according to Robert Half Management. 

Cloud computing is an extremely valuable market that continues to expand, and part of the expectation among subscribers to internet-based storage solutions is that their data will remain completely secure, the management firm noted. Individuals interested in cloud computing can rest easy on that note. In fact, providers of cloud content management systems must maintain high levels of security in order to comply with International Organization for Standardization requirements. 

Internet-based document storage solutions come with a number of layered safeguards that ensure that files remain unharmed, Robert Half Management explained. Security fixtures such as encryption, key management, access controls and intelligent systems all play a role in maintaining the overall safety of cloud-stored documents. 

Be sure to research first 
However, don't just buy into the first cheap system that you see, make sure to research which solution is right for you and your company. Also, look into whether or not a cloud provider's safeguards are compliant with ISO standards and that it will be able to handle the amount of data you plan on protecting, Boston University noted. For example, look into data encryption during data transfers – don't let your documents become exposed, even for a second. 

In addition, the university suggested looking into access and sharing features. For example, when employees are allowed to view a specific file will it be read-only, will they be allowed to edit it or will have the authority to decide which it is for specific individuals? 

The security of cloud-based solutions continues to improve, making a switch to a cost-effective and convenient internet-based content management system even more alluring. 

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