Colleges embrace paperless tools

September 26th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

More schools are embracing the digital age and heading toward paperless solutions. According to Hilltop Views, St. Edwards University is the latest in a line of colleges that is providing learning materials online and reducing its dependency on paper.

The school, according to the news source, is attempting to move its learning materials to the internet in an effort to reduce costs, be more environmentally friendly and make access to materials and assignments easier for students at the same time. This form of document management will allow students to use their smartphones as textbooks, turn in assignments by email and other systems and help keep learning materials as up to date as possible.

In addition to going paperless in the classroom, the college has also invested in information management solutions for its offices and administrative functions. Going paperless campus-wide will simplify applications, student record keeping and many other areas of administration.

"From the higher administration to us, we just wanted to make it easier for everyone," Erin Garcia, international advisor for the school, told the news source. "[As far as] simplicity, access, ease of record keeping and ease of students being able to access the information, there have been a lot of benefits, so we're heading in that direction."

Any school can gain similar benefits from eliminating paperwork. Reducing operational costs in administration for the entire campus as well as various departments will translate into additional funds for more important aspects of running a university, and can be transferred over as savings for students as well. These benefits will quickly bring a school up in the ranks and make the campus a better place to learn overall.

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