Counties going paperless in South Dakota

November 14th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

According to KDLT, more county officials in South Dakota are making the move to paperless operations in an effort to save money and be better organized. Part of this plan includes purchasing iPads for county meetings and general use. The more important aspect is the document management solution that makes it all possible.

"We're saving paper, we're saving energy and being more efficient and productive from a staff perspective," Stephanie Ellwein, commission assistant and director of human resources with Brookings County, told the source.

Just one county office went through at at least 400 pages per meeting packet per official every other week, according to the news source, with overall costs exceeding $3,000 a year. And this isn't the only paper created by their offices. Memos, public records and a great deal more can all be converted to digital and better organized and stored with an information management solution.

"Connectivity is so vitally important," John Claggett, a county commissioner, told the news source. "The technology is there, kids are doing it all the time, we need to move into that." Clagget continued, saying that his office would be adopting iPads as well at the start of the new year.

The effort to reduce paper creation and consumption, let alone go entirely paperless, is a noble effort for any organization. From helping the environment to lowering operational costs, businesses, government offices and other organizations can enhance the services they offer, improve workflow and change the overall dynamic in their offices, simply by reducing the amount of paper used and implementing power tools for migrating to digital organization and management of information.

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