For over 22 years, we’ve been scanning microfilm and microfiche. There isn’t nearly as much as there used to be, but it’s still out there and we’ve been doing a lot of film scanning lately, including working with Hillsborough County to digitize their microfilmed deed books.

What Are Deed Books?

Deed books are kept at county courthouses around the country by the recorder/registrar of deeds, sometimes in book form in their original bindings and often on microfilm as government agencies often turned to microfilm and its 500-year shelf life to store records that have to be kept permanently. Deed book contain property sales documentation that includes the deed of sale in their various formats including indentures, strawman sales, lease and releases, property distributions/gifts, mortgage sales, and estate settlements.

Book vs. Microfilm Scanning

We can scan both the original, bound deed books on our book scanning equipment. In this case we use microfilm scanners to scan Duval County’s large volume of microfilm reels. We also scan a wide variety of other county documents, including court documents, marriage licenses, building drawings, sheriff arrest records and case files, and much more – onsite or at one of our Florida service bureaus.

Document Management

Once scanned, we can upload these digitized documents to your document management system or help you implement one (cloud or on-premise) so that you can instantly search and retrieve them later.

Stay Ahead of Disaster

Whatever form your documents take, they represent an irreplaceable asset in the case of flooding, fire or other disaster. While microfilm can theoretically last 500 years, we’ve seen film degrade when it’s stored in warm and/or humid environments, so the best practice is to have these documents scanned regardless of their media.

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