Digital strategies key to document preservation

January 24th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture | Document Management | Information Management

Data is an enterprise’s most valuable asset, and more agencies are looking to electronic document management to preserve critical files.

According to an infographic by Shred-it, approximately 1 billion records have been compromised in the last 5 years, which has resulted in $48 billion in losses. Of the business executives that Shred-it surveyed, 33 percent said that lost or stolen documents could cause a severe negative impact on the business’s resources and reputation. 

There are a rising number of threats to data, however, including natural disasters, document misplacement or theft and damage from the natural aging process. As a result, more agencies are taking preventative measures. The Brattleboro Reformer reported that the Vernon Town Office is utilizing a document imaging system to scan tens of thousands of property-related records, converting them to a digital collection. Currently, nearly a third of the town’s files have been digitized, and Sandy Harris, the town clerk, considers completion of the project a top priority.

Preservation of these files is of particular importance considering that there have been at least four natural disasters which resulted in the destruction of valuable documents, including a fire in 1797, Harris told the news source. As a result, historical records are now incomplete. She also explained that tropical storm Irene was a major factor in bringing the urgency of backing up documents to the town’s attention. This digital conversion is part of the town’s strategy to prevent these kinds of risks from compromising information surrounding land records. Harris claimed that scanning these files will also make them last longer since physical touch can often cause corrosion or damage. Digital copies are available with the click of a button, meaning original copies are better maintained and more citizens can access pertinent information. 

As towns realize the significance of ensuring that critical records are maintained, conversion services can offer reassurance that files are secure in the face of any potential disaster.

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