Digitization makes record reference easier in Minnesota

January 17th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture

From time to time, business leaders need to check far back into their records to reference a statistic or research a past event. However, if they have to spend time sorting through written records, effort and money can be wasted.

As such, many companies look for a more efficient solution, with a growing number turning to conversion services. This technology allows administrators to take photographs of old records, scan them into a computer and place them in a secure database. This can help ensure easier access to files, as they can be searched with keywords, shortening the process.

Recently, the Minnesota Department of Human Services decided to pursue a digitization project, according to The Pioneer Press. Employees are now transferring 5 million pages of adoption records online to make it easier for citizens to look into their heritage.

“Digital access means that it’s usually web based and it usually means that it’s searchable so it gives you much faster, easier, immediate access than any other kind of searching,” Austin Public Library director Ann Hokanson told local CBS affiliate KIMT.

The news provider explained that the project was initiated partially because a number of adopted children find that they may have genetic health issues down the line, so they’re searching for answers in their past. This sentiment may also be felt at businesses, as leaders who experience difficulty may want to find solutions that worked previously.

Despite the massive amount of information being transferred and the man hours needed to do so, the news source reported that the initiative will not exceed $67,500. This can serve to show companies that this relatively low, one-time fee indicates that electronic files are a good option for data storage.

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