Document imaging and ECM critical to satisfying citizen expectations

December 27th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture | Document Management | Workflow

As resident demands for quicker government interactions heighten, document digitization can provide easier access to operations such as bill paying, building permit applications and court judgement statuses. According to Govtech, a recent independent poll discovered that a significant portion of U.S. citizens felt their concerns go mostly ignored. The process of document imaging allows organizations to capture digital copies of documents to be uploaded onto online databases, making it possible to more effectively facilitate citizen requests.

Digitization improves communication
In addition to saving organizations time and money, in these digital databases, users have the ability to more efficiently get information they need and interact with government officials more easily. Without proper document management, however, these self-service platforms can end up making more work for employees.

The Radicati Group predicted that the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market will increase from $4.4 billion to over $7.5 billion in the next four years, with an average annual growth of 15 percent. As enterprise communication has steadily incorporated a growing range of channels such as email, text messaging, video chat, instant message and social media, managing information across every platform is imperative. Advanced ECM services allow users to view, download and print documents from any device and at any time.

Intelligent capture simplifies document management
The limitless possibilities that come with document digitization are valuable, particularly since they enable government agencies to build trust with citizens. Govtech elaborated on these advantages, including improved workflow and more intelligent capture. Document management software has the ability to scan files for information that is repetitive or particularly important so that staff members don't have to re-enter it when filling out forms.

Saving staff members' time is a major benefit considering an increase in budget cuts across the nation. When agency employees spend less time searching for files, entering data and mailing documents, overall productivity improves. By utilizing document conversion services and uploading files to the internet, agencies give residents the power of self-service, thus expediting file accessibility and application processes. Additionally, relations between government agencies and citizens improve since staff is no longer burdened by administrative tasks and can focus on servicing users' needs, inquiries and requests.

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