Document management more necessity than luxury for legal practices

October 18th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

While some businesses are able to view improved document management and paperless efforts as a luxury they could do without, lawyers and law offices may find these tools vital to survive today, or risk floundering with big data and the latest technologies.

According to Corporate Counsel, information governance should be a primary focus for every legal firm right now, with the need to keep data secure, organized and readily available a top priority. While many lawyers recommend their clients have an information management solution in place, few are taking their own advice. This can become increasingly problematic over time, and put a tremendous amount of strain on the office.

The news source recognizes, however, that not all firms are operating on the same page, and a cut and dry solution won't work for everyone. As such, it offers a few tips for law offices to help ease adoption and speed up the process at the same time. Improving support for mobile devices as more employees begin utilizing them for work and ensuring that the solution incorporates these devices, or otherwise protects them as well as primary systems, was the No. 1 piece of advice.

From the new technology being used to changes in general workplace trends, embracing a high-quality document management solution will help any organization function more smoothly, encourage new trends and provide the necessary support for them on the data front in today's innovative world. Without these solutions, a business may struggle to implement these changes, or fail to evolve at all, leaving itself stranded behind its competition and poorly equipped to deal with changes in its industry that are stemming from these tools and solutions.

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