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January 30th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

All information has value to a business, no matter big or small. The key is to maximize that value by ensuring the data is in the right format for best use.

For most businesses, the best way to ensure enterprise content value is optimized is to implement a paperless strategy. Digital formats allow firms to feed high end analytics solutions with more information, optimizing business intelligence and other efforts. Additionally, this allows firms to reduce storage costs, optimize their data warehousing and keep everything stored in a single place to improve access, security and workflow.

So the question is, how does a business migrate easily to paperless operations? The key is to enlist the advice and help of document conversion services.

By eliminating paper from daily workflows, enterprises can streamline data use. However, this doesn't take other sources of physical information into account. From client invoices to supply sheets and external communications, paper can be difficult to completely eliminate for the simply fact that not every business is able or ready to go the same route. Firms have to take their suppliers, partners, clients and competitors into consideration when embracing paperless operations. If there will still be paper coming into the office after the conversion, businesses need to be sure to have the appropriate document imaging services in place to handle it and quickly convert it to a more readily stored and used format.

Another key factor is having the right document management software in place. Converting paper to digital formats is good and fine, but it has to be easily accessed and usable by employees whenever needed. The right management of data will streamline workflow and help ease issues like document queues and the link. Prior to the digital conversion, if one employee was using a document, no one else could unless there are numerous copies laying around. Now anyone can, but the use of that document has to be properly managed, especially if one workers is going to be making changes to it. Optimizing this aspect of the process will allow firms to adapt to individual use cases and ensure that everyone has the most current, relevant information at their disposal.

Ultimately, paperless success comes down to adoption and acceptance among employees. Improving the ease of use will help to ensure workers embrace the new strategy and get the most out of it.

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