Electronic document management a top focus for sustainability, flexibility

June 24th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management | Information Management

Organizations that are looking to realize more sustainable practices while also driving efficiency and collaboration are switching to electronic document management. With these solutions, a company can not only reduce their dependency on paper, but can also make information more readily accessible to staff from wherever they are.

A recent survey of 120 senior professionals conducted by V1 found that 95 percent of finance professionals are interested in document management software due to its environmental benefits. In fact, 88 percent of organizations admitted they are concerned about their impact on the environment, while 89 percent said that the business benefits of going green are a major consideration. Greg Ford, managing director for V1 commented on this growing environmental awareness.

"This research shows that despite the economic climate, organizations are still seeing the importance of a green agenda," he said. "Electronic document management makes smart business sense as it reduces paper consumption and CO2 emissions.

Selecting the right software
Electronic document management software enables users to store files in a centralized location, making it easy to update and share that data. Still, Dynamic Business reported that it's important to choose a solution that will adequately fit the business' requirements. In order to realize the benefits of this technology, the source recommended firms consider not only how well the product's functionality matches those needs, but also what ROI is expected, the costs required to integrate and use the solution, and how easy it is for staff to learn and use. By considering these aspects, organizations can maximize the value of this investment by realizing significant time savings and increased efficiency, as well as other collaborative benefits.

Additionally, Dynamic Business asserted that companies should deploy these technologies from a vendor that has extensive expertise not only in terms of integrating the software, but also in the firm's particular field. With sufficient industry knowledge, the provider can offer tips and tricks involving best practices that can help the enterprise to leverage all potential advantages. Lastly, the source emphasized that it's important to assess how the solution can grow and evolve as the business' needs change with time. These tools should be flexible enough to upgrade and customize to address any future concerns or demands.

With these considerations, a company can realize immense rewards by transitioning to electronic document management.

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