Electronic voting records will make verification easier

September 5th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

In an effort to make the voting process easier on both organizers and voters themselves, many states are incorporating the use of electronic documents for identification purposes. Wisconsin is the newest state to indulge in this tactic.

According to the Marquette Tribune, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board recently approved a policy that allows voters to bring personally owned electronic devices to voter registration outlets. The source said individuals can present electronic records to show their address in Wisconsin, allowing them to register to vote.

Because so many organizations are transferring their records and other files online, many have gone completely paperless. Alternet explained that this new policy will be of particular benefit to students and other young people, many of whom pay various bills and fees over the internet. Their account information is often featured on servers, and provides verification of their residential address.

"An electronic document is more secure than the paper document, because it is password protected and a mailbox is not," University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student Alexander Haas told Alternet.

This strategy may become more widespread, as industries from healthcare to government agencies are increasingly using conversion services to move their paper files to the internet, ensuring stricter security policies and easier accessibility. 

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