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November 27th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

Document management solutions can provide many benefits for a business, but to maximize returns on the technology, a company needs to take further steps. A business needs to ensure that it's utilizing the solution to the best of its abilities, reducing confusion and enhancing employee productivity through training and understanding of the tools and migrating all of its data into the system through conversion services.

According the Formtek Blog, businesses can speed up the search and retrieval of information, reduce storage requirements and distribute information more easily, as well as improve the accuracy of information, collaboration and even disaster recovery. And these aren't the only benefits.

Cost analysis
To really understand what information management solutions can do for a company, firms need to look at the cost of current record-keeping solutions, and the cost of implementing a document management system, and then add it up over time. The initial cost of the new solution will always be less than paper storage over time, giving a business a single reason to update right there. The return will help the company invest in other performance-enhancing tools, and the productivity and efficiency improvements that document management provides will add up as well.

Accomplishing this requires a business to examine its own operational needs. From the frequency of data access to how employees are using that data can affect the effectiveness of a document management solution. If employees are pushing for work from home options, or looking to use their personal devices in the workplace in a bring-your-own-device plan, the right document management solution is needed to ensure security and efficiency.

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