Going green more than going paperless, but it’s an important step

May 5th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

For any business considering going green, energy efficiency, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, furniture sourced from other green companies and fair-trade food offerings are all key factors. However, going paperless is another critical way to approach a green office, and can help reduce expenses to help a firm afford these other essential components.

From keeping digital records to investing in document conversion services to migrate older paperwork to digital formats, businesses have a number of steps to consider when it comes to going paperless. Everything from the printers being used to the way meeting minutes are taken affects these efforts, and companies that focus on minimizing the use of paper across the board will see the greatest impact on operations and their costs.

According to The New Zealand Herald, paper is one of the top resources that any business trying to go green needs to examine, and any ability to reduce a reliance on printers, copiers and paperwork will help a firm achieve its goals and support its other initiatives to help reduce its impact on the planet.

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