Going paperless can give entrepreneurs a leg-up on the competition

November 14th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

One start up-focused publication has recommended entrepreneurs go paperless from the beginning in order to maintain a tactical edge over the competition. 

The news outlet, ventureburn, questioned why in a world dominated by technology, do start ups still insist on using physical documents. The publication noted that worldwide businesses still use paper copies for 62 percent of their important files, and that the reason for this is "fear, uncertainty and doubt." 

Ingrid von Stein, the author of the feature on paperless start ups, wrote that most of the business owners she has spoken with have been opposed to document storage solutions because they believe they need to store certain legal documents in physical form for a given amount of time. However, this isn't always true. 

And if entrepreneurs look past the "fear, uncertainty and doubt" that comes with going paperless, they may see the benefits that can come with utilizing content management services. Going paperless can reduce a number of the costs that come with going paperless such as charges associated with printing, as well as storage. Utilizing conversion services in order to digitize your documents will allow you to share them effortlessly, saving time and money for your business. 

Business owners shouldn't worry about the legality of digitized documents either, the publication noted. Files that have been converted into an electronic format are legally equivalent to their physical counterparts. There are numerous benefits to going paperless, and entrepreneurs should consider them when starting their companies in order make sure they have an edge over the competition. 

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