Going paperless? Don’t forget the little things

January 6th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture | Document Management

There are many benefits to investing in document conversion services and going paperless. However, there are many unusual costs as well, especially for companies with core data needs The sharing of information gets easier, but firms have to make sure they have the right devices, support and systems in place to ensure security, scalability and productivity across the board. Without investing in flash drives, unified communications and document management software to streamline access to key information, employees could be left hanging out to dry when the business makes the final transition to completely paperless.

While keeping employees plugged into paperless efforts may seem like common sense, making all of the steps to transition them there may elude businesses. For one, companies have to ensure workers have access to necessary data, from anywhere, at any time, on any device. This means streamlining mobile, cloud or other platforms for access to enterprise content. At the same time, if employees are able to quickly utilize new data, but struggle to go back through archives – or worse yet the employer fails to convert its older records – this will create a huge hiccup in productivity.

Optimizing paperless initiatives by investing in the right conversion services will help avoid these issues, but there are still several challenges that companies need to look to properly leverage in order to turn them into opportunities for improvement.

Simplicity at its core
The key to successful paperless migration is keeping it simple. Overcomplicate the system and a business will confuse employees and make the data management system too complex. This will lead to swift data access but slow use of the relevant information, once it can be found. Optimizing the path from access to project completion by simplifying document management will avoid this issue and allow firms to focus on adding addition tools and resources more easily later on as well.

Send to save
While cost savings is a primary benefit of going paperless, that doesn't mean a firm may not have to invest a large amount initially. While the first investment into paper conversion and management solutions may seem high, it is worth the cost, as the more a company invests into these tools the more it will get out of them – driving ROI faster. The returns will add up, and a business will end up paying the investment off sooner than if it had spent less in the first place.

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