Information management essential, but more metrics needed

December 7th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

Businesses can gain many advantages with an information management solution. However, according to TechTarget, they need the metrics to prove it. Without metrics, a business can't accurately gauge their progress or success of implementation, and as such will be unable to provide a rate of adoption for selling implementation to decision-makers in the first place.

According to the news source, however, it is easy to quantify the benefits of document management. Simply look at the storage rooms full of paper, printer supplies and other paper-related items, and imagine no longer having to purchase them. Or consider the filing cabinets full of records that can be eliminated with document conversion services. And these are just a few of the advantages that document management provides.

Ultimately, to understand the benefits that information management offers, a business has to consider the bigger picture. How much paper does it use in a day? Now how about in a year? How much ink, staples, folders, storage space for archives? By looking at these figures and doing the math over the span of a year, two, or even five, a company will begin to understand how document management saves money. And this is without even considering the productivity and efficiency improvements it brings to the table.

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