Medical center enables easier document access

January 18th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Workflow

Digitization is growing in popularity among entities in many sectors. Organizations from medical centers to small offices are using conversion services to host their files online, which can help clear office space, enable the preservation of original documents and restrict access to sensitive information, among other things.

Partners HealthCare and Neighborhood Health Plan in Brockton, Massachusetts, recently adopted this hosting strategy. The organization will be moving patients’ dental records to an electronic database, The Enterprise reported, as this can help streamline access to files by multiple providers.

“It allows us to coordinate the care between our medical and dental departments,” the organization’s executive director, Sue Joss, told the newspaper.

This might be a lucrative avenue for businesses in a number of industries that tend to grant access to files by a number of employees. Hosting records on an electronic information management system allows numerous workers to reference a file at the same time without having to pass papers around. Moreover, this mitigates the risk of losing documents or destroying them by accident.

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