New Zealand liquidator facing arrest due to lost files

September 28th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

Sometimes, when files are misplaced, there are little to no consequences. However, in other instances, if documents cannot be found, it could adversely affect the lives of clients, businesspeople and others.

In New Zealand, Nelson-area liquidator Pat Norris will face theft charges unless he can find documents related to the work he claims he has done within the last year for Astra Enterprise, according to Nelson Mail. The source explained Norris has not produced evidentiary files to back up invoices he has filed for some time.

Lawyer Garry Barkle is using this as evidence that Norris has filed false claims, stealing from Astra. As such, if the proper files are not produced, the company will most likely pursue theft charges, the Nelson Mail reported. Norris, however, asserts that he lost his working file last March, but is searching for the records.

To avoid potential legal repercussions, companies should consider implementing digitization policies to revolutionize their document management system. These tools help businesses locate files quickly and easily, using keywords, and can be very helpful when businesses face ediscovery requests.

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