Orlando Document Scanning Service: More Success Stories

July 5th, 2016 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business | Business Process Automation | Document and Information Capture | Document Management | Document Scanning | Information Management | Workflow

We’ve scanned millions of documents for business, healthcare, the hospitality industry, government agencies, and many other organizations in Orlando and throughout Central Florida from our Orlando service bureau. Here are even more recent success stories.

Orlando Lake Resorts

For this large and expanding estate management company, we scan backfiles of AP invoices for timeshare properties they acquire around the country. Following each acquisition, Orlando Lake Resorts sends us boxes of invoices, including vouchers for all checks they cut, along with manifests that account for each box and document. We scan all documents, key in reference indexing (including check number, particular branch acquired), export the files and upload them into their master accounting system. One of the challenges with this project is inventory control: we meticulously account for every box and document by reconciling what we receive and scan with what’s listed in each manifest, then work with Orange Lake Resorts to resolve discrepancies.

Jewett Orthopedic

We’ve scanned a lot of general office paperwork that includes AP invoices, daily journals, checks, terminated personnel files. We’ve also scanned oversized plans and drawings and a hodgepodge of other documents spread across 125 boxes. These documents happened to be in an old building that was going to be leveled and they didn’t want to move these legacy documents.

Orange County Schools

We’ve done a lot of student records scanning that happened to be very challenging from an indexing standpoint. The initial indexing schemed didn’t work but, by working together collaboratively, we were able to develop a new indexing schema so they could find student files instantly following their scanning and uploading into EMC ApplicationXtender document management software. We’ve also converted 400 paper forms into eforms that has saved thousands of hours of productivity and headache.

If you’re located in Orlando, Tampa or anywhere else in Florida, contact us for a document scanning quote today

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