Paperless opportunities gain weight in manufacturing industry

November 18th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture

The manufacturing industry has a reputation for being "behind the times," with images of early 1900's factories and assembly line production forming in consumers' minds when they think of these processes. However, this couldn't be further from the truth, and as many firms look to revitalize their industry and stay on top of the latest technologies for streamlining manufacturing and boosting productivity, some are turning to document management services.

According to Environmental Leader, there are several reasons manufacturing firms are embracing paper conversion services, from reducing their waste output to making general workflow more productive by boosting collaboration and the ease of sharing information. Manufacturers will be able to identify shipments and product lists faster in order to identify errors or other potential issues that human error could have caused in the past. Finally, going paperless has been known to reduce overall operational costs for manufacturers, driving stronger financial situations for these firms.

The opportunities for going paperless are many, but manufacturing enterprises have to consider several factors before selecting document capture solutions. From storage to the speed at which information can be scanned from paper records to digital archives, these components will factor into overall productivity. As such, many companies benefit greatly from turning to paperless for business process automation services in addition to the other benefits these strategies offer.

Whether looking to boost the accuracy of information, or automate a time-consuming process in order to better protect business data and improve productivity, investing in paperless and related document management solutions will streamline operations for most businesses in any industry. For manufacturers, this represents a key opportunity to further improve their image as belonging to a technologically advanced, innovative industry that is striving for excellence, not an archaic image of 20th-century engineering.

Many firms have already embraced paperless solutions, breaking down the barriers to innovation and growth. These advantages will continue to add up over time, eliminating hurdles on the path toward success until enterprises are able to fully integrate their data and information, past and present, with modern technologies such as cloud computing, analytics and more. The first step, however, is eliminating paper records, and document imaging services are key to doing this efficiently and productively. With the right solution in place, a business won't have to worry about it's data slipping through the cracks ever again.

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