Paperless productivity, the faster way to find information

December 10th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture

When considering the many advantages of going paperless, cost reduction and improved organization often take center stage. However, the sheer speed at which employees will be able to find information once it is made digital provide some of the largest returns – as long as the right document conversion services are used to get there.

The productivity gains from going paperless can be tremendous. Rather than going through filing cabinets or worse, going off-site to a records storage facility, to look for paper documents, employees will literally have all the data they need at the tips of their fingers to do their jobs. Faster access to data, and as a result increased productivity, leads to improved profits and reduced downtime. These are unignorable returns on a system that requires some basic training and a small investment to get off the ground. However, companies have to ensure they are investing in the appropriate conversion service in order to get all their documents into the digital space securely, reliably and accurately.

One of the biggest hurdles a firm faces when going paperless is data accuracy. With a significant amount of paper records to scan, companies have to make sure the process goes smoothly and quickly, but if data begins being misplaced or a glitches causes data corruption, and isn't caught in time, it can create major problems down the road in both operations and compliance. Investing in
high-quality scanning hardware and document capture solutions can mitigate this risk and ensure that firms get the most out of their investment.

The other major challenge to optimized paperless operations is control over data once it goes digital. When all of a company's information is on paper it is easy to track, as it's a physical object. Once digital it becomes easier to make copies and the like, which can result in lost or stolen data if a company isn't careful. Optimized document management software can eliminate this issue and help businesses take control of their information regardless of format, helping to ensure efficiency, productivity and security at all times.

Firms cannot lose sight of the same guidelines that were in place when they worked with paper records when going paperless, and the better the services and solutions used to accomplish these goals, the more quickly a company will see the positive results of these labors.

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