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September 12th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Workflow

Efficiency – or the lack thereof – has the potential to make or break the success of a company's operations. After all, even if a firm offers the best services in the world, a failure to deliver these in a timely manner and adequately create and maintain all related records could ultimately lead to its downfall.

To attain optimal efficiency, ditch paper processes
When it comes down to it, companies that leverage paper-based processes simply will not be able to achieve the same degree of workflow efficiency as those that use digital document management solutions. The latter enjoy instant access to information whenever they require it, no matter where employees are located or how many other people are simultaneously looking at the documentation. In contrast, workers who require information contained in paper records must often contend with inconveniently located filing cabinets, storage units or warehouses – and, in the event that multiple people need to access the same data at once, all but one will have to wait or the papers will need to be photocopied. Not only does this state of affairs have the potential to be extremely inconvenient, it can also result in high storage costs for firms.

Safeguard documents through digitization
Security is a hot-button issue these days, with data breaches hitting the headlines on a regular basis. When it comes to tracking who can access specific records, paper-based systems have some worrying security holes. That said, once records have undergone document imaging and been stored in a database, anyone who accesses them will have their actions recorded, circumventing certain liability issues for companies.

Make compliance efforts a snap
In terms of compliance, the automated nature of databases makes it much easier for firms to track down particular sets of records in the event of an audit, significantly streamlining the process of ensuring all the necessary standards are being upheld. This can result in significant time savings when it comes to both internal and external compliance checks.

Some companies have entire compliance teams charged with making sure all necessary protections are in place and required procedures are being followed. With the time savings generated as a result of leveraging a document conversion service, firms can put these employees to work on other operational tasks.

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