School takes parent communication paperless

May 5th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

There are a plethora of ways for a school to implement paperless strategies, from instituting document management software for its board meetings to eliminating paper records for administration. For the Newport Mesa Unified School District in California, the answer was to take its parents newsletters digital.

"Our parents expect electronic communication," Laura Boss, director of District Communications for the school, said in a release.

Whenever any organization takes any aspect of operations paperless, it requires a consolidation of its information into a single, more manageable resource. Implementing document conversion services will help move records, invoices, and other key data to digital formats, helping schools incorporate all of the necessary information into its newsletters with ease. Furthermore, such efforts can improve workflow in general, reducing budgets and strengthening administrative processes to focus on more critical tasks regarding education.

For Newport Mesa schools, these efforts focus on keeping parents informed of youth sports and enrichment programs, art and music classes, tutoring opportunities and more. The school district offers the newsletter freely on its website, or as an email to interested community members.

The most important thing for any organization considering taking all of its operations, or specific processes, paperless, is to strengthen the security and continuity of its information management efforts. The right conversion services and related hardware and software investments will go a long way toward achieving such goals while promoting more environmentally friendly and efficient workflows overall.

Rather than waiting for demand to come from the community, customers or government, organizations should consider beginning to invest in paperless strategies now and perfecting their approach early on to avoid struggles when it becomes a necessity rather than an option.

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