State’s Attorney Office Gains 120,000+ Hours of Productivity with Document Management

April 23rd, 2017 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation | Document and Information Capture | Document Management

In 2010, the Office of the State Attorney for the 5th Judicial Circuit of Florida made the commitment to go paperless. They believed that being able to process paperwork faster—from personnel files to AP invoices to case files—would help them manage more cases, more effectively. They were right, but that was only the beginning…

As a result of Image One’s document management solution, the State’s Attorney Office now processes documents remarkably faster, has eliminated a host of paperwork problems, and has dramatically increased the productivity of both staff and attorneys. Read on to learn how.

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Streamlined Processing

Thanks to a system that now includes document scanning, workflow automation and document management, the state’s attorney office was able to eliminate copying, three-hole punching, adding file tabs, filing, filing cabinets, sending documents to offsite storage, and the need for additional office space – and documents from defense attorneys are now processed 300% faster.

Productivity Savings

The document management solution also resulted in a productivity increase of 124,800 hours per year. This was achieved because a single administrative assistant can now serve 2-3 attorneys each instead of only one per, allowing for approximately 60 staff members to be re-purposed.


According to the 5th Circuit’s lead programmer, “We knew that we’d need less people over the long-term as people retire, now that we can do everything quicker, electronically. Users say they get things done so much faster and make decisions faster instead of sifting through mail, sorting, and giving documents to a secretary before it reaches the attorneys.”

Learn more by downloading our State’s Attorney case study here

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