Support BYOD plans with paper conversion services

April 29th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Information Management | Workflow

Mobility is a high-demand trend in most businesses, but firms have to ensure their employees have access to the information they need to do their jobs. In order to support data needs, companies may need to consider going paperless in order to consolidate information management to a single access point.

Document management software, combined with conversion services, will help businesses simplify data access so that employees can utilize the same information regardless of where they are or what platform they are using to work from. For mobility plans, this helps improve accessibility of data, as well as the options that companies have to improve later on, as their information isn't tied to a single location or application.

In order to truly optimize workflow around mobility plans, businesses have to invest in conversion services to optimize the flow of information from Point A  to the multitude of end points that employees work from. With mobility supporting remote working trends and other opportunities for employees, sticking with a paper-based information management system will hinder productivity, or completely prevent some employees from working, as they won't have access to documents another coworker is using.

Beyond the basic need for free access to information, deploying a paperless strategy to support mobility and BYOD aligns multiple systems with the high-end technology used in the strategies. The consolidation of IT to support workers means improved efficiency and reduced cost of operations, even beyond the savings that going paperless can provide. Supporting such a move in this way means a looser budget to support future investments and continued improvement of the systems in use.

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