The digitization of libraries

July 11th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture

In the digital age, content is increasingly expected to be online. Not only do we expect information at our fingertips, but we want specific items to be found readily through adequate search tools.

At times, our desires can seem a bit out of reach. The National Archives, for example, claims it receives around 1.4 billion pieces of paper every year. Nonetheless, this transformation to online and organizable content is hitting everywhere, and many libraries are finding themselves with the task of getting their data online.

The Guardian argues technology innovations such as document imaging are both responsible for this new demand and for helping businesses catch up. The Southampton University Library recently updated its online content, digitizing more than a million sheets of paper.

The University found that it had to completely update its document conversion service, replacing a system that focused on a much lighter amount of digitization for one that had a higher success for automation and word recognition. Without it, managing the body of online works would have been a separate nightmare. New services offered improved document management, allowing better search and organization.

The content has now been opened in a digital form more than it had ever been physically checked out in its history, The Guardian reports.

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