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July 12th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Information Management

Paperless systems can benefit a number of different organizations by helping them streamline their systems and eliminate waste, but according to Information Daily, colleges and universities may have the most to gain by moving the applications process to a paperless one. Paperless information management can benefit administrators, lecturers and students alike. In fact, the source reports that universities that don't make the switch to paperless admissions may soon fall behind their counterparts that do.

"Not to include online application processing as a way to improve the overall student experience would be a mistake, as it's a way for universities to claw back a degree of control, step up their service to students and do more with less," Information Daily reported.

The source also reported that paperless applications systems helps enhance the student experience, therefore attracting a higher caliber of applicant. An online application system allows for a quicker turnaround, which accelerates the admissions process and means that universities who have made the switch to paperless applications are able to seize the most promising incoming students before universities that still rely on paper.

Going paperless in the classroom
The benefits of paperless systems don't stop once students have been admitted – there are several ways professors can introduce digital technologies to their classrooms to further benefit pupils. Going paperless for lectures and exams is another way to attract the most promising students, as the availability of digital solutions is an increasingly important factor in which colleges members of Generation Y choose to attend.

Information Daily stated that often, professors aren't aware of the benefits – like improved efficiency and clearer communications with students – that a paperless classroom can provide. Choosing to eliminate paper during lectures also proves that universities have a commitment to going green, which can attract students who care about environmental issues.

The Daily Echo recently reported that Southampton Solent University received accolades for going green and eliminating paper waste, which was a priority for its students.

"Staff and students have a real interest in the way we can improve our environment, and this has had a very positive effect in moving forward initiatives at every level of the university," Solent's environmental and sustainability manager, Martin Walton, told the Daily Echo.

By going paperless, universities around the world can improve operations, help the environment and attract the highest caliber of student.

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