Willful destruction of documents comes to light in Iowa

December 27th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture

From time to time, records that could provide destructive in a legal or financial matter are destroyed unlawfully to hide evidence. While this might prevent a trial if there is no evidence, the consequences could be extreme.

At the University of Iowa, two officials were recently accused of ordering the destruction of files chronicling employee dissatisfaction, according to USA Today. The news source said that some faculty members are calling this unprecedented, saying this sort of event has never occurred.

Many within the school's education department were allegedly unhappy about their salaries and other factors, as well as the role of College of Education dean Margaret Crocco. Two high{-}ranking members of the department who have confidence in Crocco have been accused of destroying the surveys.

Businesses, academic institutions and other industry leaders can avoid this issue by using conversion services to safeguard their documents online. Company leaders may want to save files online, which would help protect documents in the case of disasters or malicious intent. Moreover, administrators might consider making this database accessible only to other leaders, to further ensure safety.

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