Request Manager

Cut Time Spent on Managing Public Records Requests by 50% or More

Due to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and other legal requirements, it's imperative for public institutions to operate transparently. To do so, public institutions need to record, respond and report on public requests as expediently as possible— while operating on shoestring budgets.

Records Manager from Image One recoups thousands of hours of employee productivity by addressing three main issues:

Challenge 1

Recording Requests

SOLUTION: We eliminate the use of Excel spreadsheets and Access databases with software that scales to an unlimited number of records.

We also streamline searching and retrieval of public records requests.

Challenge 2


SOLUTION: Our software automates reporting to management and any other overseeing body to prove fulfillment meets deadlines.

Reports can be customized and sent on a regular schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

Challenge 3

Data Entry

SOLUTION: We eliminate data entry by creating online forms to be filled out by constituents.

We then securely capture form data with automated workflows notifications to alert your employees of new record requests to fulfill.

The Ultimate Challenge


SOLUTION: We achieve all of the above without breaking the bank and Request Manager pays for itself.

How It Works


Users log in and enter records requests, search records, run reports, or change settings.

Request Manager Dashboard


Users quickly enter each public records requests through a series of fields and drop-down menus.

Request Manager External Record Request


Users quickly enter document level information for both internal and external requests.

Request Manager External Request Document Type


Users can quickly run reports and adjust automated settings.

Request Manager Reporting

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