Document Scanner & Archival Storage Hardware FAQ

Q. Why should I purchase an upgrade? Doesn’t the manufacturer cover everything under the factory warranty?

A. Manufacturer warranties only cover defective parts and associated labor. All other problems are billable with on-site service provided at a 72 hour response time. Some manufacturer’s warranties require the unit to be shipped back to their factory. An Image One upgrade will provide you with an 8-hour response time and depending on your plan, PM (preventative maintenance) calls are included.

Q. What is an ASP and why is that important?

A. An ASP is an Authorized Service Provider for the hardware equipment manufacturer. This means Image One’s technicians are factory certified and have access to all upgrades, technical bulletins, manufacturer support and parts. This designation allows us to provide you with the highest level of hardware service possible. Image One technicians are ASP’s for Canon, Panasonic, Minolta, Ideal, Bell & Howell, Rimage, Plasmon and more!

Q. What is the difference in having an ASP with an 8 hour response and Image One’s ASP 8 hour guaranteed response?

A. Image One’s guarantee is backed by a $100 credit if we don’t meet the response time. We take pride in backing up our guarantee.

Q. Why should I purchase a service agreement?

A. Depending on your requirements, there are several reasons to purchase an Image One service agreement. Most organizations have service agreements for budgetary purposes, allowing them to plan exactly what hardware maintenance will cost for the year. Having a guaranteed response is also important to keep your down time to a minimum. Costly time and materials can disable even the strongest production-based organizations. Image One’s service agreements provide you with piece-of-mind, knowing that hardware downtimes will be addressed, while keeping your company’s production on track.

Q. How much do service agreements cost?

A. Service agreement costs can vary, depending on the equipment covered, the location of where the equipment resides, and the type of agreement. In most cases, Image One’s pricing is lower than other ASPs. We strive to stay competitive with all of our service agreements.

Q. With Image One’s service agreements, I can get a guaranteed response time, factory certified technicians, top level support, and better service at competitive prices, why would I want another hardware service provider?

A. Good question! I don’t have a good answer for that one.

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