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Backup Issues


Microsoft Sharepoint Backup Issue Resolution


Though Microsoft Sharepoint is very capable of managing electronic files and scanned documents in low volumes, it tends to bog down performance and cause back up headaches when working with large volume Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) environments. These limitations present new challenges to the Sharepoint backup and restore process.


Sharepoint archiving and retention management issues


Also because of SharePoint’s Blob or Information Silo architecture, it’s difficult to determine which file is an official record, first rendition, or is suitable for sharepoint archiving. Copies are made and then resubmitted under a different Blob than the original file. The new file can also be identified as the achievable file. This means that you may have two separate Blobs with the same file residing in each as an achievable first rendition record. Because of this, it becomes very hard to deploy accurate and effective Sharepoint retention management practices.

Furthermore, organizations may archive all files in Tier 1 architecture to ensure that they do not delete the original file. This causes problems in performing file backup SLA’s, and can cause businesses to jeopardize any compliance, regulation, and governance policies. It is hard to determine who has security rights to each copy of a file spanned across multiple Blobs.


Solution for Sharepoint backup, Sharepoint archiving and retention management


Image One offers a solution to this problem by adding a seamless integration and file viewer from Sharepoint 2007 to Enterprise Content Management. The end user operates within Sharepoint while pulling all electronic files from a content management or information management system. By doing this, the content management system houses the Sharepoint files and metadata of Sharepoint files with unlimited growth, while maintaining peak performance SharePoint levels. An added layer of security is applied to all electronic files, allowing end users to view content through Sharepoint while sharing only one copy of that file. No longer do you have the problem of copied files and ever growing Blobs. In a cost effective and time saving manner, Sharepoint backups, Sharepoint archiving and retention management are now controlled.