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Web Program Management: HandiForms™

APEX - The Total Program

Collect data in the field and upload it into The Total Program's secure centralized database. This solution removes the need for repeated data entry and drastically reduces data entry errors. Instead of waiting for the data to be entered before reporting, it is uploaded in seconds allowing you to instantly create reports. With its powerful patent-pending software engine you can customize reports by filtering out the desired data to fit your needs.


The cost and time savings are immense!


  • • Instant Results
  • • Identify and Prioritize Issues
  • • Track Results
  • • Analyze Data

HandiForms Applications

APEX has a variety of available HandiForms available to you. In addition to the list below, we can take any existing form, survey or audit and add it to your suite.

  • • EPA Tools for Schools
    • Classroom Survey
    • Mechanical Room Survey
    • Air Handler Survey
    • Building Exterior Survey
    • IAQ Call In Concern Form
  • • Radon Sampling
  • • Lead in Water Sampling
  • • Electrical Safety Audit
  • • Hoist Safety Program Audit
  • • Forklift Safety Program Audit
  • • Integrated Pest Management Program Audit
  • • Kitchen Safety Survey
  • • Hearing Conservation Program Audit
  • • Personal Protective Equipment Program Audit
  • • Respiratory Protection Program Audit
  • • Roofing Survey (for deferred maintenance, asbestos presence)
  • • Mock OSHA Inspections
  • • Science Room Chemical Inventory