EMC Captiva Document Scanning Software: eInput

EMC Captiva eInput supports distributed capture throughout – and beyond – large organizations. By capturing documents through an easy-to-use, web-based interface, organizations make it simple for branch offices, remote locations, and desktops throughout the enterprise to quickly scan and capture documents for content management and business applications.

eInput works with Captiva InputAccel to enable distributed capture and remote indexing anywhere within the organization. By capturing documents closer to where they are received or created, organizations speed up document capture, reducing time-consuming and costly document shipping.

eInput delivers:

  • Remote scanning/remote indexing — Deploy and maintain web-based clients to easily scan, import, and index paper or electronic documents.
  • Customizable web interface — Easily customize the web-based scanning and indexing interface and easily integrate other web business applications.
  • Captiva InputAccel integration — Leverage InputAccel capture process and connectors into content management systems and business applications.
  • Offline scan/index — Enable mobile workers to scan and index when remote capture is unavailable, providing no loss of productivity.
  • Scanner/peripherals support — Easily capture images with desktop scanners, multifunction peripherals (MFPs), and other capture devices.
  • Business rules/validations — Define custom business rules and database lookups to ensure that captured information is accurate and complete.
  • Audit trail — Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of all submitted documents to include end user usage metrics.
  • Encryption/VPN support — Gain support for common security environments and ensure all remotely captured data is securely transmitted.