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Forward-thinking CIOs are beginning to recognize that the one critical answer to their "renovate and reinvest" dilemma lies in elevating the importance of digital archiving: In the words of Steve Duplessie, sr. analyst with ESG in the white paper Elevating Archiving’s Business Status. “Too often archives are tactically put in place to solve a specific issue (e.g., retaining email, moving file data to lower-cost storage, etc.) and are never looked at again unless they create an operational issue or have to be upgraded. Very rarely do IT and business leaders think about what else an archive can provide or how to functionally improve the system. This has to change.”

EMC InfoArchive is a dynamic solution for the way forward: a unified archive of information from diverse business applications that allows users access as needed, enabling organizations to approach archiving as a way to repurpose information—and placing it where it adds the most value to the business—while protecting its integrity.

EMC InfoArchive is an integrated product suite that organizations to:

  • - Reduce IT complexity and costs
  • - Optimize infrastructure and reinvest in innovation
  • - Adhere to regulatory retention and audit mandates
  • - Archive structured and unstructured information from multiple applications
  • - Streamline access control and compliance management
  • - Eliminate information silos
  • - Safeguard information integrity