Nexsan Assureon Archival Storage: Features


File Integrity

Unlike competitive archiving solutions, Assureon can guarantee the integrity of archived data through the use of file serialization, file fingerprinting, audit trails, self-auditing, and self-healing capabilities. Assureon is also a tamper-resistant system, purpose-built with multiple layers of safeguards to prevent any attempt at file deletion or modification, even by someone with administrator-level access to the system and detailed understanding of its technology.

Meet regulatory requirements for file immutability with dual-hashing process that ensures files cannot be modified without detection

Rest assured knowing all of your files are healthy and retrievable thanks to automatic self-healing capabilities

Get fast access to archived files and metadata


Assureon is ideal for organizations that must comply with governmental regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), SEC 17A-4 and PCI DSS. Assureon exceeds the strictest regulatory requirements for data integrity, protection, privacy, security, longevity and availability with full audit trails. Additionally, Assureon makes it easy and automatic for organizations to adhere to their internal guidelines for data retention, deletion, privacy, protection and risk mitigation.

Protect your business records and meet your regulatory obligations.

Apply your specific retention policies without need of a third-party document management system.

Security & Privacy

Assureon provides complete separation of data between departments or projects using logical and physical separation, as well as separation through the use of multiple AES-256 encryption keys. Keys for a replicated Assureon are stored safely at 4 sites by the integrated key management system (a nominal annual key management subscription is required). In addition, users are authenticated with Active Directory or digital certificates, and audit trails report on file access and denied access attempts.

Easily specify and implement policies to ensure retention compliance.

Use the "virtual disposition" option to quickly scrub and then effectively destroy every copy of a file, regardless of location and media.

Streamline your control over user access to files with integration between Assureon and Microsoft Authentication system.

Storage Optimization

Assureon makes it easy and transparent to offload infrequently-accessed files on primary storage, while providing a superior platform to protect them for life! Through its policy automation features, Assureon can eliminate or greatly reduce the size, cost and complexity of backups for both primary and infrequently-accessed files (or unstructured data).

Offload data to free up space on costly primary storage while maximizing data protection and dramatically reducing backup costs.

Set retention polices without need of any custom APIs (though alternative methods to specify such policies can be used).

Protect against site disasters with replication and automatic read failover & manual write failover.

Reduce your organization’s archive capacity requirements thanks to Assureon’s built-in file deduplication.


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