Syncplicity Cloud File Sharing: Colloboration

Syncplicity makes it easier than ever for teams to collaborate on documents and files. No check in, check out. No emailing attachments to multiple people. No need to manage all the different versions that get sent back.

Syncplicity allows you to simply share a folder or file with colleagues directly from where you keep it. Changes you make after sharing a file will be shared as well so everyone’s version is always up to date. You can set permissions to allow others to collaborate or only read the files you are sharing. And Syncplicity automatically handles version control, syncing your shared folders and files across the places you work, and backing up your files to the cloud.

For Users


For IT Administrators

  • Share individual files (of any size!) or whole file folders with co-workers and friends

  • Manage change conflicts. Syncplicity will ensure that edits from multiple people do not get over-written and makes it easy to pick the right version.

  • Keep files safe by setting permissions levels for "Collaborators" or "Readers"

  • Work the way you normally do... simply open documents from your normal file folders and save them as usual. There's no need to move files or check them in and out of a portal.
  • Always have the most recent version at your fingertips. Whenever a document is changed, everyone gets the latest version!

  • Send files of any size with a Syncplicity Shareable Link. No more grappling with file attachment limits in email.

  • Work online or offline. Syncplicity allows you to take all your documents with you and syncs them to the cloud once you are back online.
  • Manage sharing policies at the organization-level

  • Restrict or allow sharing of folders and files outside the organization

  • Set retention policies that enable automatic, permanent deletion of shared folders when the owner "unshares" them with other users

  • Gain transparency into what folders are shared within your organization

  • Access user's shared folders to help them manage security and resolve issues quickly

  • Set defaults for handling document change conflicts