Syncplicity Cloud File Sharing: Group File Distribution


There are many types of files in business that need to be published to large groups of people with the assurance that everyone has access to the latest version of the file no matter what device they use to access it. With Syncplicity it is easy, secure, and automatic.

As Easy as Dropbox, Built for the Enterprise

Trying consumer-grade solutions like Dropbox? These solutions are not optimized for large teams because a single use can delete a file on everyone's computer. Not to mention the fact that IT has no visibility or control over what is being shared. Syncplicity gives you consumer-grade ease-of-use and flexibility with the security, administration and control IT requires.

Eliminate Email File Attachment Barriers

The majority of file distribution in business is still done today via email which limits the type of content you can share and makes it very likely that users do not have the latest version of documents at their fingertips. With Syncplicity, your simply update a shared document and your done. No email. No file size limits.

More Dependable Than Traditional Content Management Approaches

Thinking about using a traditional or web-based content management system? Current approaches using content management systems rely on users downloading the latest version of the file whenever they are notified that a new version exists. This means that users are typically not accessing the correct version on all their devices and spend a lot of time asking others or searching for the latest version. Or worse yet, using old versions unintentionally. Syncplicity gets your users the most current content automatically.