Syncplicity Cloud File Sharing

Access Your Files Across All Your Devices


Syncplicity gives you seamless and automatic access to your documents, files and shared folders no matter where you are working. Now you can securely access all your files offline or online, from any computer you use plus your mobile device, no matter where you saved them—no VPN, no drag-and-drop, and no moving them into a "Box".

Desktop File Access

Syncplicity is fully integrated into the file system of your PC or Mac natively. That means you get the exact user experience you expect on either platform. And you can see the status of all your files directly from the file browser, without having to go online or access a portal. And because Syncplicity syncs any folder on your computer you can organize files and folders the way you want and always access the latest version on all your devices without having to move them first.

Mobile Device File Access

Native applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android give you access your files on the road. And they allow you to update content with your favorite mobile apps and then sync to your other devices.

Because Syncplicity offers industry-leading policy and admin features for IT, businesses can support Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategies without putting business content at risk or having to take responsibility for a user's (or contractor's) personal mobile device.