DataTrust Solutions

Stay Compliant While Increasing Your Security, Storage & Backup Capabilities

DataTrust Solutions

DataTrust Secure Archive Manager (SAM) is a software archival data storage solution that can be used with any server or cloud storage service you choose and is the ideal migration path for Dell EMC Centera users.

The low-cost software ensures the integrity, authenticity and security of your important data, and is some of the most effective technology available to minimize the damage from malware and ransomware attacks.

DataTrust, The Cloud & Hybrid Solutions

While it may be more costly than cloud data storage for small amounts of data, DataTrust SAM running on third-party servers is very cost-effective when over 5 TB of storage is required.

If you’re concerned about putting all your data in one place, DataTrust can be used as a hybrid archival storage solution that blends cloud and local hardware storage to manage data. Data integrity and file serialization audits can be run on both, adding an extra layer of security in case of file loss or corruption.

Data Storage Compliance

Many kinds of data are subject to strict regulations, so DataTrust SAM delivers features that companies in regulated industries need for compliance, including:

  • WORM and retention
  • Legal hold
  • Encryption
  • NAS, cloud and object storage
  • Content-based cryptographic hashes
  • Deduplication
  • Tools to selectively pull data from existing storage

Virtual File System

SAM includes a virtual file system not limited to file counts or directory depth imposed by traditional operating system-based file systems. The virtual file system does not use stubs or reparse points, so any recovery and backup options are quick and seamless.

Protection Against Malware & Ransomware

DataTrust SAM also makes it easier to recover from a malware or ransomware attack because you can recover from multiple backup points in the two systems, allowing you to choose which infected files need to be rolled back instead of rolling back everything at once.

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