OpenText Application Content Management (formerly ApplicationXtender)

Transform paper and digital content into application-ready information

What is a business content management system?

A business content management system helps manage, organize and pull information that is accessible to the broader organization via an application or as an extension to an existing application. It increases productivity and simplifies workflows with business content services that store and retrieve data from one centralized system.

OpenText Application Content Management overview

OpenText™ Application Content Management is a business content management system that scans, stores, retrieves and preserves information while providing role-based access from nearly any device or web browser. Application Content Management meets the demands of Line-of-Business applications while being enterprise-ready for broader implementations both on and off premises.

Based on industry standard Microsoft .NET technologies and cutting-edge client UI frameworks, Application Content Management can be easily deployed to provide document capture and retention management capabilities as well as seamless integration with Microsoft Office Applications. With an easy to manage footprint, Application Content Management is an ideal solution for nearly any business process.

OpenText Application Content Management features


Modern UI

Easy-to-use RESTful services

Offers a streamlined easy-to-use interface that can be modified to reflect process driven or department driven organizations for a rich experience using nearly any HTML5-compliant browser without plug-ins. Provides a highly-efficient and resource-centric API for developing fast and efficient solutions geared toward web, mobile and other connected platforms. Can be deployed to Microsoft Azure environments.

Simplified administration and remote management

Broadened support for authentication

Enables simple deployment that can be managed over the web to eliminate the need for a desktop client. Supports single sign-on technologies and authentication engines to enable tight integrations with other applications, improve security and offer a seamless user experience.


OpenText Application Content Management benefits

  • Easy deployment

    Quickly deploy in either on-premises Windows Server environments or in Microsoft Azure, making it ideal for organizations with stretched IT staffs.

  • Choice of UI

    Easily retrieve information from the repository without leaving Line-of-Business applications through an easy-to-use API and web services that can be managed by most IT groups.

  • Secure

    Leverage robust information access control security with overlapping user and data security options to allow for granular control of what data users can see, managed or share. Serve users that need access to both records and everyday documents—without switching folders.

  • Extend into workflows and forms

    Leverage an integrated forms and workflow engine for everything from approval processes to on-boarding in a single application, without the need for long complicated development projects.


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