Aperture Scanning ServicesAperture Card Scanning

Many organizations have used aperture cards as a way to file and label large engineering drawings and maps, taking up valuable storage space. With these systems, information can prove difficult to access, hindering response times, delaying decision-making and impacting client relationships. Additionally, aperture card readers are quickly becoming obsolete as parts become harder to find, impairing the companies that rely on them.

Image One holds the solution to help you manage drawings contained in aperture card systems. Our Conversion Services department scans aperture cards to a digital image in TIF, PDF, JPG formats. The proven aperture scanning processes ensure optimal management of information, and include secured access, document preparation, scanning, indexing, quality assurance tests, delivery and disposal.

Once the cards are scanned, we index the image and make it available for quick, inexpensive retrievals on your desktops and laptops, thus eliminating the need to maintain the costly and inefficient aperture card reader. The results of aperture scanning will provide disaster recovery assurance, while promoting faster business process automation. By giving your employees an efficient way to find and view the information they need, an electronic document management maximizes the use of their time and drives productivity.