Sarasota and Naples Document Scanning Services

Our Document Scanning Services for Sarasota and Naples Serves Clients in: Gold Coast, Sarasota, Venice, Port Charlotte, Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, and Surrounding Areas!

Why Does Your Organization Need a Document Scanning Service?

Most organizations have 70% of the information required to run their business and make mission critical decisions on paper, microfilm or microfiche form. Paper and film based media frequently occupy valuable storage space. Often, this information is stored in file cabinets, offsite warehouses and, at times, in poorly marked boxes. Unfortunately, this can restrict a business’ ability to quickly access or find information, causing a struggle to handle customer orders, service demands and expectations. A combination of lost files and inaccessible information produces negative results including disappointing revenues, lost customers and even failed business ventures. The ability to properly manage and control information is a key contribution to the overall success and strength of an organization.

Image One’s clients in this service area include: Collier County, Manatee County, Cape Coral Police Department, and The City of Sarasota

Why Choose Image One as Your Scanning Partner?

Image One’s Document Scanning and Conversion Service provide scanning services that can digitize, OCR and index documents of various sizes and medias including paper documents, microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards and large format documents, including drawings and aerial maps, to the desired electronic format. Once your paper documents have been digitized to the format of your choice, in bitonal or color, they are delivered to you via DVDs, USB Flash Drives, an FTP site, or imported directly into a document imaging and/or content management system. In addition to the digitalization of your paper files, Image One can save you time by offering a document and file destruction service. We also offer On-Site Scanning and Mailroom Services. Using a proven methodology and practice of a staff of experienced experts, high speed scanning devices and cutting edge technology, our conversion services are rapid, efficient and accurate.

Paper Documents and Files

Example: Contracts, Employee Files, Medical Records, etc.
If you have boxes of documents or overstuffed filing cabinets, Image One can help! Our trained and experienced Conversion Technicians can take these files and process them in an efficient manner. They will be scanned, indexed, and delivered to you based on your specifications. Our Quality assurance tests guarantee that scanned files maintain a high level of accuracy and overall integrity. Don’t want the originals returned? Let us safely and securely destroy the documents for you!

Large (Wide) Format Documents

Example: Blueprints, Maps, Engineering drawings, etc.
Our Large Format Conversion Services (sometimes called Wide Format) can scan and digitize large documents, such as architectural drawings, maps, and blueprints. These services can help you retain important information that could be lost in a disaster or misfiling. They can also make it easier to store, access, and share these documents. Our advanced archiving optimizes organization of these drawings, easing the planning process and ensuring a complete electronic record for building files. Digitizing engineering documents reduces physical storage demands and allows users to search for, view and print drawings for faster project completion.


Example: Microfilm, Microfiche, Aperture Cards, etc.
Whether you want to digitally back up or completely replace your micrographics archives, Image One will scan your film and convert them into PDF or TIFF files or another digital format. These services can create high-quality digital images for businesses, government and other organizations. Our proven scanning processes ensure optimal management of information, and include secured access, document preparation, scanning, indexing, quality assurance tests, delivery and disposal.

Image One Document Scanning Services is more than just another service bureau. We believe in becoming strategic partners with our clients to maximize information flow and to ensure successful digital transformations.