Nexsan Unity Enterprise-Class Storage Solution



UnityTM Enterprise-Class Storage is a True Unified Solution. 

Unity is a high availability multi-protocol (Block, File, and Object) solution designed specifically for enterprises. The Unity features flexible configurations and is designed for simplified expansion, providing for capacity and performance requirements. Unity delivers core enterprise features that are exactly what customers demand, in a single platform. Unity supports a comprehensive OS matrix and is certified as a Veeam Ready Repository.

Security, Compliance and Ransomware Protection. 

Unity supports immutable block and file snapshots. This allows customers to create locked-down point-in-time copies of their data. The Unity Object Store also supports object locking, allowing customers to protect data by making it immutable.

The advanced Unity architecture seamlessly works with the Assureon® (as an Active Data Vault or as Unbreakable Backup™) to deliver an immutable data protection solution. Businesses have the ability to recover data or backups from security breaches such as ransomware attacks.

Unity Hybrid Storage Platform supports SAS HDDs and All-Flash SSDs for flexible deployment options depending on business needs.”

Unity NVMe All-Flash Storage Platform supports NVMe All-Flash SSDs for primary data storage or as a FASTier Cache for HDD storage.

Security, Compliance and Ransomware Protection

Unity supports immutable snapshots of volumes and file systems. This enables the creation of locked-down point-in-time copies of data. The Unity S3 Object Store supports object locking, allowing customers to protect data by making it immutable.

The advanced Unity architecture seamlessly works with the Assureon® active data vault and gives customers the peace of mind that their data is protected for regulatory compliance and from security breaches including ransomware. As malware is now also targeting backups, Unity with Assureon delivers an immutable Unbreakable Backup solution so you never have to worry about your ability to recover.

Accelerate Performance

Unity delivers the performance you need in unified storage by blending DRAM and SSD to optimize data access operations in a fault-tolerant architecture.

Unity architecture uses NVDIMMs for write I/O acceleration as well as a FASTier caching layer to speed up I/O in all environments, providing the performance where it’s needed. The flexible capacity scaling allows you to select the capacity and performance needed for your applications.

Unity Makes Storage Easier with Data Migration and Cloud Connector

The optional add-on software provides data migration capabilities that make implementation even easier by replicating files from any legacy system. It also connects to numerous public clouds including Amazon S3, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, allowing organizations to move data as needed for tiered storage and optimizing hybrid cloud infrastructures.


UnityTM Combines Multi-Protocol Support, Enterprise-Class Security and Performance. Unity is a true unified solution that supports advanced block, file and object workloads. Unity supports all-flash configurations to meet performance requirements, and the high demand for mixed application workloads and virtualized environments.

Enterprise NAS

Enterprise NAS (NFS, CIFS/SMB) for unstructured data and files

High Performance Block

High performance block (FC, iSCSI) for structured data (databases and Exchange).

Object Storage

Supports object locking, enabling anti-ransomware, regulatory and compliance requirements.


High performance arrays make it easy and affordable to meet the needs of critical business applications


Accelerated RAM and flash caching for high performance.

Unbreakable Backup

Unity with Assureon delivers an immutable Unbreakable Backup™ for ransomware protection.


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Data Sheet